Upcoming Orthopedic Radiology Rounds

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Forté Orthopedic Research Institute Radiology Rounds, a new educational series dedicated to the crucial intersection of orthopedics and diagnostic imaging. Our upcoming schedule is below.

Feb. 9  – Shoulder (labrum pathology) – VIRTUAL REGISTRATION
Mar. 8  – Hip (labrum and FAI, general)
Apr. 12  – Elbow (FEVER protocol discussion, general)
May. 10  – Knee (cartilage and meniscal pathology)
Jun. 14 – Shoulder (general)
Jul. 12 – Foot and Ankle (Lisfranc joint and sports-related injuries)
Aug. 9 – Wrist and Hand
Sept. 13 – Hip Adult Reconstruction
Oct. 11 – Pelvis (hamstring and athletic pubalgia discussions, general)
Nov. 8 – Knee Adult Reconstruction
Dec. 13 – Foot and Ankle (general)
Microsoft Teams will be posted soon.